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Chicago Top Hardwood Floor Refinishing General Contractor

As the best general contractor in Chicago, we specialize in full-service Hardwood Floor Refinishing and construction.

We will take that old worn out floor and restore it to something you can be proud of! Whether in rough condition or wanting a change, we have many different finishing methods and products. After stripping your floor of existing finish, we can recolor and refinish it to whatever you’re looking for. We perform necessary repairs on deep scratches or stains in the boards so that they will be perfectly smooth when installed. You get a preview of how things are going to turn out by seeing different color samples before deciding what is best!

After taking down your old flooring with our dustless sanders, we can give it new life as something entirely different – maybe even exactly like you envisioned! There’s no need not fret over those nasty deep scratches either; all these problems disappear after some quick repair work from us here at Chicago Finest Remodeling.

Floors are the foundation of any home and their condition can affect your overall enjoyment. With many options in the market nowadays, it’s important to know what you’re looking for before making a purchase decision. We help make this easy by listening closely to your needs and helping narrow down which type will work best with current lifestyle goals, take into account budget constraints when possible, but also be mindful that there is no one-size fits all flooring option because everyone has different tastes in texture or design aesthetics.

Once you’ve selected your desired flooring and it’s been properly acclimated to the temperature and humidity of your home, installing will be a breeze. We’ll provide all services necessary for installation including tear out and disposal of old floors, removal/reinstallation or replacement in baseboards where applicable as well as appliances if needed. We work with you to understand your flooring needs upfront so there are no surprises during the installation process. We always order plenty of materials and set aside any undesirable pieces, then we nail it down carefully in a way that reflects our top-notch quality control standards. Nails will not be visible on top nor do they go all the way through – an important consideration for those looking for long term durability while preserving their home’s beauty!

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