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Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Some people think that a bathroom is just about the toilet, sink and tub. But if you’ve ever thought to yourself “I wish this was prettier but I don’t know how or when it could happen!” then we have some great DIY ideas for your new design sanctuary on any budget!

With an eye-catching color palette of black & white, add bright touches with colorful fixtures like towels and rugs in greenish yellow tones. To make things more soothing after bathing time try adding a scented bath bomb from Lush to create peace while soaking away all those icky germs (or just use our organic lavender soap!).

Splash Your Bath in Color

Painting a room in color can completely change the atmosphere. Choosing light and bright colors or neutrals will help make it feel as spacious as possible by minimizing visual clutter and maximizing an open design scheme.

If you are looking for a sleek and contemporary bathroom, then the dark tones of charcoal or navy might be just what you need to get started. Dark colors like these will create an airy feel in small spaces while still maintaining enough warmth that it won’t seem too cold.

Hang Statement Artwork

Bathroom updates don’t all need to be a weekend project. Artists are an excellent way of adding interest and beauty to your outdated or drab bathroom! What’s particularly great about this idea is the artwork becomes the focal point, giving you plenty more room for other things that might distract guests from noticing less-than stellar aspects of your bathroom like tiles with cracks in them or old paint jobs.

Create Ambiance with New Lighting

Replace your outdated bathroom lights to create a sense of modernity. Consider how you want the light in your bath or shower room: do you need it bright? Do you prefer low-key lighting for more relaxing effects? Update and change them according to what will provide better ambiance, moods, and feelings as they make up an integral part of any home’s interior design.

Canvas Your Bathroom in Wallpaper

Designers and homeowners alike are always looking for ways to give their bathroom a personal touch. One way is by adding wallpaper! With an endless number of patterns, colors, sizes and styles available there’s something for everyone. This can be accomplished in one day or two depending on the size of your space with this simple DIY project that anyone can do!

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